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Building on our popular Bruce Lee exhibit series, A Dragon Lives Here  hones in on Bruce Lee’s Seattle roots and the fact that Seattle, now known as a city for innovation, technology, and entrepreneurs, also played a key role in shaping Bruce Lee and his groundbreaking approach.

A Dragon Lives Here  was created in partnership with the Bruce Lee Foundation and with the generous support of sponsors, donors and partners.

About the Bruce Lee Exhibit Series

Untold perspectives on Bruce Lee’s life

The Do You Know Bruce? exhibit series at the Wing Luke Museum provides fresh and untold perspectives on Bruce Lee’s life and his connection to Seattle. Featuring personal family items and memorabilia, it gives both an intimate and wide angle approach to his personal philosophy and the external influences and circumstances that helped shaped his journey from a young student in Seattle to a global icon who continues to inspire millions.

There’s more to Bruce than you think.

In 1999, Time Magazine named Bruce Lee one of the most influential people of the century. He inspired – and continues to inspire – millions of people, 40 years after his death, through his trailblazing work in martial arts, film and fitness. He was an international superstar but for Asian Pacific Americans, he was much more. While his one-inch punch raised the bar for martial artists, his skill, hard work, and determination to break media stereotypes of Asian Pacific Americans was game-changing in advancing racial equality.

A significant part of who Bruce Lee became was due to his life in Seattle.

In Seattle, Bruce Lee worked at the legendary Ruby Chow’s Restaurant, launched his first martial arts studio, formed his philosophical roots, and met and fell in love with Linda Lee, a Garfield High School graduate. For him, Seattle was a time of obstacles and sacrifices as well as growth and development… and would become his final home.

Part 4: A Dragon Lives Here

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In honor of Bruce Lee

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and City Council Members Bruce Harrell and Nick Licata officially declared Friday, October 3, 2014 Bruce Lee Day. We celebrated by blanketing the city and social media with the yellow jumpsuits Bruce Lee made famous in his final film, The Game of Death.

幸运快3Thank you to all who join the conversation and the celebration (with or without your yellow jumpsuit) by using the hashtag 。

Do You Know Bruce?

U.S. Congressman Jim McDermott and Washington State Governor Jay Inslee – with their own creative flair – took on the challenge of asking if we know Bruce.

Read more about how Congressman McDermott’s moves caught the attention of many, including national media.

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