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Borne of the necessities of survival and the restrictions of racism, ethnic enclaves arose to form vibrant communities where newcomers could bring a taste of home.  Chinatowns, Nihonmachis, Little Manilas, and others formed in the early 20th centuries, migrating to neighborhoods where early immigrants had established themselves and thriving in communities where neglect meant housing was affordable. With the rise of gentrification across the United States, this multimedia photography-based exhibit will spark conversation about what goes into making healthy and sustainable communities, what they contribute to the larger society, and strategies and policies that can protect and support them.

Curated by photographer Carina A. del Rosario, this multi-media photography-based exhibit features artists Dean Wong, Mel Ponder, Andrew Hida, and the Chinatown Art Brigade collective.

幸运快3Photo credit: Louis Chan/Chinatown Art Brigade

Featured Artist

  • Chinatown Art Brigade

    Chinatown Art Brigade (CAB) is an intergenerational, womxn-led collective driven by the fundamental belief that our cultural, material, and aesthetic modes of production have the power to advance social change. CAB is comprised of Asian American and Asian diasporic identifying visual artists, media makers, writers, educators, and organizers with deep roots in Manhattan’s Chinatown. Together we make work that centers art and culture as a way to support community-led campaigns around issues of gentrification and displacement.

  • Melissa Ponder

    After 20 years as a hobbyist photographer, Melissa became a full-time community involved photographer since 2007. Prior to engaging in the small business arena, Mel worked within the public education and community health arenas with a focus on promoting equity and eliminating disparities.

  • Dean Wong

  • Andrew Hida

    Andrew is an award-winning director, cinematographer and editor based out of Los Angeles, California. He takes a decisively documentary approach to nonfiction visual storytelling to create powerful, compelling and beautiful stories about the human experience.

  • Carina A. del Rosario

    As a teaching artist for  and , curator Carina A. del Roasario’s aim is to make art making an avenue for exploring, learning and developing skills they can use in all aspects of their lives.

    Exploring identity and community is probably my favorite way to engage youth through art. Through her , Carina teachers her high school English-language learner students how to draw self-portraits and uses art to explore identity and community.


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