Jimmy Tsutomu Mirikitani was a fiercely independent Japanese American artist who lost his family and friends to the United States internment camps during World War II and Hiroshima’s atomic bombing. He survived the trauma of those two significant events and homelessness by creating art every day. Mr. Mirikitani passed away at age 92 on October 21, 2012 in New York City. This remarkable exhibition about the art and life of Mr. Mirikitani is a poignant exploration of the lasting impacts of war and discrimination, and the healing power of creativity.

Related subjects include Japanese American internment during World War II, Hiroshima and the Atomic Bomb, 9/11 and its aftermath, the elderly and care in the U。S。, and immigration to the U。S。

Please call 206.623.5124 or email to inquire about exhibition rental.

Select works by Jimmy Tsutomu Mirikitani

Jimmy Tsutomu Mirikitani, Mother and Baby, 1999 – 2006, Mixed media

Jimmy Tsutomu Mirikitani, Battle of Midway, 1999 – 2006, Mixed media

Jimmy Tsutomu Mirikitani, Cat with Okinawa White Fish, 1999 – 2006, Mixed media

Exhibition Fee and Additional Requirements

幸运快3The exhibition fee is $750 for 10 weeks, excluding cost of shipping.

Other requirements include:


  • Payment of rental fee, in full, before exhibition is shipped.
  • Payment of shipping to and from Wing Luke Museum.
  • Certificate of Insurance Coverage. The value of the exhibition is $9,000.
  • Proper credit on all press and printed materials for the exhibition.


Security for this exhibition is moderate. About 400 square feet will be needed for the exhibition. The space must be a limited-access, gallery-type area. An open mall, hallway, or lounge area is not acceptable. You must also provide a locked, environmentally stable interior space for exhibition storage and staging.

幸运快3Guards or other trained personnel must be available in sufficient numbers to assure the safety of the exhibition while it is on display. The exhibition area must be locked and secure during closing hours.

Temperature, light and humidity controls are required. Standard levels are 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit, and 45 to 50 percent relative humidity. Direct sunlight should be diffused or eliminated to prevent fading of artwork.

Exhibition Contents

1 – Introduction panel with Curatorial Statement by Roger Shimomura (20” h x 48” w)
幸运快3 30 – Framed artworks”

  1. Sinking Whale Ship (20.25” h x 25.25” w)
  2. Childhood Daruma (13.25” h x 16.25” w)
  3. Katrina (16.25” h x 11.25” w)
  4. Grapes for Jackson Pollock (25.25” h x 9.25” w)
  5. Tiger Cat (38.25” h x 19.25” w)
  6. Bamboo (38.25” h x 16.25” w)
  7. Korean Tiger (38.25” h x 28.25” w)
  8. 幸运快3Tiger Cat and Bamboo (18.25” h x 12.25” w)
  9. 幸运快3Cat Taking Sun Bath in Autumn (15.25” h x 12.25” w)
  10. Hot Springs Country (15.25” h x 10.25” w)
  11. Cat with Still Life 2 (36.25” h x 18.25” w)
  12. Cat with Still Life 1 (24.25” h x 30.25” w)
  13. Cat with Sardine and White Fish (10.25” h x 12.25” w)
  14. Cat with Okinawa White Fish (11.25” h x 13.25” w)
  15. Mother and Baby (20.25” h x 28.25” w)
  16. Cat with Okinawa Color Fish (21.25” h x 25.25” w)
  17. Cats with Red Snapper (24.25” h x 30.25” w)
  18. Crab (13.25” h x 13.25” w)
  19. Hiroshima Peace Memorial (23.25” h x 23.25” w)
  20. Battle of Midway (19.25” h x 25.25” w)
  21. Pearl Harbor (20.25” h x 25.25” w)
  22. American Battleship (11.25” h x 15.25” w)
  23. Hiroshima (12.25” h x 11.25” w)
  24. World Trade Center 1 (40.25” h x 18.25” w)
  25. World Trade Center 2 (16.25” h x 12.25” w)
  26. World Trade Center 3 (13.25” h x 13.25” w)
  27. Tule Lake 1 (15.25” h x 18.25” w)
  28. Tule Lake 2 (23.25” h x 40.25” w)
  29. Tule Lake 3 (23.25” h x 18.25” w)
  30. Tule Lake 4 (13.25” h x 18.25” w)

Installation information

The graphic panel is backed in lightweight 3/8-inch sintra board, and can be hung from the wall using velcro tabs. The framed works can be hung by drilling screws into the wall and hanging the frames on the screws. A printed copy of the labels for your use is provided for reproduction and mounting.

Additional Resources

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