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TeensWay serves middle school youth (10 – 14 years old) and explores Asian Pacific American art, culture, heritage, and community. Art techniques, creative practice and different mediums are shared by Teaching Artists and facilitated by The Wing’s staff. Our Teensway program meets for 4-hour Saturday sessions in the spring that are provided for the youth free of charge. Explore what were doing in our 2019 session and learn about our past projects by Teensway below.

The Teensway 2019 Program has filled its registration. Check back in Spring 2020 for next program. Interested teens can join our waitlist by emailing mhayashi@krajty.com.

Teensway 2019: Science Fiction Graphic Novels

Let your imagination soar to distant worlds and to the edges of the stratosphere. Will you create a hero that flies through the galaxy working to save humankind, or will you create a villain working to destroy it?

In these fantastic science fiction realms, Teensway participants will learn how to craft and tell dynamic stories through graphic novels。 Working with teaching artist Jeremy Sim and Clarion West Writers Workshop, teens will learn how to develop plots, characters, and stories of their own。 Once our worlds are created, we’ll work with local illustrator, Ruby Wang, to give form to the creatures of our imaginations。 Teensway participants will come away with their newly developed and illustrated graphic novel excerpts, which will be featured in the summertime exhibit showcased in the Frank Fujii Youth Space at the Wing Luke Museum。

Clarion West Writers Workshop is a nonprofit literary organization based in Seattle, Washington, with a mission to improve speculative fiction by providing high quality education to writers at the start of their careers。 To learn more about Clarion West Writers Workshop go to

When: Saturdays starting on April 27th 2019 through June 8th 2019 (Seven sessions total)
Times: 12PM-4 PM
Price: Free with Registration
Where: Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience, 719
S King Street, Seattle WA 98104

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Have questions? Contact mhayashi@krajty.com or 206.623.5124 ext 116.

Past Exhibitions

Past Exhibitions

Teensway 2018 | “Ghost-Signs”: Bridging our Murals from the Past into the Future

The “Ghost-Signs” of our Chinatown-International District linger from decades past and serve as a reminder of Jazz-clubs, comfortable hotel rooms and businesses long closed. We’ll use these historic hand-painted signs as inspiration for our 2018 Teensway Program. Taking a closer look at the Ghost Signs and making connections to our CID neighborhood, our youth will try their hand at an old-fashioned yet still popular medium: hand painted signage.

Second Life

April 2017-September 2017

The Teensway 2017 program was focused on fashion design, sustainability and recycled materials with Teaching Artist Bo Choi. Our Teensway students had deconstructed recycled clothes and through new perspectives breathed a “Second Life” into them. From “Trash”, the up-cycled clothes and other found objects were created into treasured art items. During each weekly workshop the teens learned the basics of fashion design, fiber art and textile design.

My Impressions Are…

April 2016-September 2016

The Teensway 2016 program was focused on printmaking with Darius X. The students were asked to tell their own story through their lino-cut printing. Throughout the program they took field trips for inspiration; to the Mood Indigo show at the Seattle Asian Art Museum, Day Moon Press to Darius and Maura Shapely’s studio, Deng’s Art Studio in the CID to look at chops, and up to the Danny Woo Gardens to look for natural materials for collograph printing.

June 2014 – September 2014

Working in collaboration with the Seattle Girls School and visual artist Lauren Iida, “Flight” was an exploration of paper and papercut designs, used to create a feeling of flight in each portrait.

June 2013 – September 2014

Working in collaboration with the Seattle Girls School and painter Mugi Takei, “Manifest” was a look at the spirit within, using paint and mix media to create an expression of the invisible。

June – October 2011
Through paper, we studied ways to build a world. With stop-motion photography, we made those worlds come to life with paper animation.

Welcome to Our World Again
June – October 2009
Using graphic design and Three-D installation, we studied lines and grids. Teens created giant cube robots, fantastic hot air balloons, and orcas that carefully embraced the city of Seattle.

Welcome to Our World
June – October 2008
Through ceramics and sculpture, we studied different shapes that we found all around us. Using the shapes, the creations emerged as fortune cookies, ipods, spaghetti, and turtles that shine lights from their shells.

We Painted From Our Hearts
June – October 2007
We looked for different ways to tell a story. Using bold colors, we painted calming beaches, colorful fruit, and trees that gently swayed in the distance.

Teensway FAQ

What do you do in Teensway?

You work with an artist who will help you make your ideas come to life。 We work with paint, ceramics, graphic design, illustration and photography。 You will also go on field trips to parks, gardens, and shops to gather inspiration。 At the end of the school year, you end up with artwork to be proud of。

Do you really make exhibits?

Yes! The artwork you make at Teensway is shown in one of our Frank Fuji Youth Space gallery during the summer months。 The neat thing is, you get to decide how that exhibit will look。 Everything from paint colors, how you want to display your art, where the spotlights should go, all of this will be decided by you!

Do you have to be Asian American to be in Teensway?

Not at all。 Everyone can be a part of Teensway!

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